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July 27, 2017

Amazing vertical view on Manhattan, New York, in 1944

LIFE magazine photographer Andreas Feininger snapped this amazing aerial photograph of Midtown Manhattan in July of 1944. This shot amongst countless other, contributed to Feininger's portfolio of famous New York City photographs, most of which live in museum galleries around the world. His shots rarely included people, but rather featured buildings, science and nature, bones and plants.

Midtown Manhattan, Looking West from the East River, July 1944. (Photo by Andreas Feininger)

The photography of Andreas Feininger has come to define 1940s and '50s New York City, like this vintage aerial photograph of Manhattan in 1944. In a glowing piece on him, LIFE wrote that he was one of the photographers whose images define New York City, “not merely how a great 20th century city looked, but how it imagined itself and its place in the world.”


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