March 4, 2016

A Collection of 20 Vintage St. Patrick's Day Cards From The Odd To The Awesome

There was, apparently, a time where people would send out St. Patrick’s Day cards.

1. Dear Irish Memories

2. The Path

3. Harp Magic

4. The Harp of Erin

5. The Singing Boy

6. Super Adorable St Paddy's Day

7. The Wearing of Green

8. Clover Collector

9. Irish Eyes

10. The Dapper Dresser

11. Irish Boy

12. Lucky

13. Phoning It In

14. Peace Pipe

15. Irish Hearts

16. Here's Looking at You

17. Sliding Leprechaun

18. Walking Pig

19. Shure

20. Yez

(via Babble)


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