January 13, 2016

16 Stunning Vintage Photos of Niagara Falls during Winter

These stunning photos show Niagara Falls frozen over during winter in the past.

A fairy-land of ice and snow, Niagara Fall, 1903

American Falls from below prospect point, Niagara, ca. 1850

Cave of the Winds in Winter, Niagara Falls, ca. 1900s

Frozen Niagara Falls, 1885

Ice Bridge, Niagara Falls, 1912

Ice conditions at Niagara Falls during the winter of 1888

Niagara Falls completely frozen over in 1911

Niagara Falls during the winter, ca. 1850s

Niagara Falls frozen in 1911

Niagara Falls frozen over, 1933

Niagara Falls, ca. 1900

Niagara Falls, ca.1890

Visitors at frozen Niagara Falls, 1883

Visitors at Niagara Falls, 1911

Visitors explore the Cave of the Winds, Niagara Falls, 1916

A cave behind Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, 1917


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