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November 25, 2014

30 Interesting and Funny Vintage Photographs of People Playing Leapfrog

Leapfrog is a game in which players in turn vault with parted legs over the backs of others who are bending down. Games of this sort have been called by this name since at least the late sixteenth century.

A group of student girls playing leapfrog at Sport day, ca. 1920s.

Members of the Brighton Swimming Club leap-frogging on the beach at Brighton, 1925. (Photo by E. Bacon)

A group of women camping near the River Thames enjoy a game of leap-frog, 1935.

Five members of the House of Lords playing leap frog in London's Park Lane to raise money for St. John's Ambulance; (from the front) Lord Ilchester, Lord Redesdale, Lord Marchwood, Lord Kimberley and Lord Attlee. 28th February 1980.

Fashion models Darien Leigh and Valerie Drew play leap-frog on the beach. 2nd July 1956. (Photo by Harry Kerr)

Leap-frogging on a Californian beach. 14th May 1930.

Two women enjoying a game of leap-frog on the beach at Blackpool. 28th March 1936.

A group of boys from the Gorbals play amongst the gravestones of the Corporation Burial Ground in Rutherglen Road, UK, one of the few areas of greenery in the district, 1948. (Photo by Bert Hardy)

Holidaymakers enjoying a game of leap-frog on the pier at Llandudno. 16th August 1935.

Pupils enjoying games on the beach during a working break at the residential branch of their Wakefield school by the seaside in Hornsea. 7th August 1948. (Photo by Haywood Magee)

Young bellhops playing leapfrog on the sun deck of US liner Leviathan (former Hamburg America line vessel Vaterland), on arrival at Southampton, 1923. (Photo by A. R. Coster)

Students at University College Cardiff leap frogging during a physical training display. 17th May 1936.

A group of children playing leap frog in the street, 1950. (Photo by Bill Brandt)

Two women wearing fins play leap-frog on the beach, 1955. (Photo by Peter Purdy)

Women divers who are competing in the European Championships at Wembley, London playing leapfrog with the speedway riders as part of a [keep fit] regime. 6th July 1938. (Photo by George W. Hales)

Able seamen at the Royal Navy Anti-Gas School at Tipnor, Portsmouth play leapfrog wearing gas masks, to accustom them to carrying out strenuous tasks in respirators. 22nd January 1934. (Photo by William Vanderson)

A couple of young women playing leap frog on the beach at Hove, March 1929.

A game of leap-frog in a field, May 1955. (Photo by Charles Hewitt)

Two girls play leap-frog on the beach at Clacton. 27th June 1936.

Friends on holiday by the river at Harwell in Oxfordshire, May 1929.

Bert and Ellie Lang, a young American couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii play leap-frog on Honolulu's Waikiki beach. In the background is the extinct volcanic crater of Diamond Head, circa 1955. (Photo by Orlando)

Arsenal's new signings from Leyton Orient, Vic Groves (jumping) and Stan Charlton, enjoying their first day of trraining at Arsenal's Highbury Stadium in North London, 8th November 1955. (Photo by L. Blandford)

Girls playing a game of leap-frog, circa 1938.

Four girl campers at Upshine, near Epping are pictured playing leap-frog with their dog trying to join in, 1936.

A group of people enjoying themselves with an odd form of leapfrog, 1898. (Photo by Otto Herschan)

Northern Irish athlete Mary Peters on the beach with British high-jumper Dorothy Ada Shirley. 20th October 1962. (Photo by Ted West)

Jack Payne, the British dancer, pictured rehearsing with his troupe, 'Manhattan Six' on the roof of the Holborn Empire, 1938. (Photo by Fred Ramage)

A boy plays leap-frog in St Peter's Square in The Vatican City, circa 1955. (Photo by Vecchio)

Paris street performers Jean Louis Bert and Grethe Bulow playing leap-frog in front of the Eiffel Tower, 1955. (Photo by Jean Berton)

Oxford University relay team leap-frog to keep fit on board SS Berengaria on their way to the USA, April 1923.


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