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February 18, 2014


  1. Rocking it hard in Orinda in 1950. Great photo! And the dance moves have only changed ever so slightly... ahem.

  2. I don't understand the comment above about "...more yellow rails at Proviso."

    The 'yellow' that you see is merely rust - it occurs every time it rains or the humidity is high on unused rails.

  3. Is really sad that people like U be in the same planet than I. I am proudly cuban. Miami is a little piece of cuba, and of course where cubans put a foot in, It turns into cuban soil because we are so specials. Beyond modesty. Cubans are not a goverment, cubans in miami sure dont think like U, cubans that left their families behind. Sorry my bad english.

  4. It's funny how you said Cubans in Miami. So you are Cuban and not American? By your comment you seem like a sponge and that you only are using America.

  5. I really dont understad what U mean, when U say Cuban not American, and a Sponge? And Using What?

  6. Those were German Nazi Concentration Camps. Not only Nazi Concentration Camps and neither Polish Concentration Camps. Poles were imprisoned and killed in thousands. Many Polish citizens were persecuted and killed because they helped Jews. Just to mention Irena Sendler, families Ulm, Kowalski and Baranek (who payed their lives for helping Jews to surive) and many, many others. Don't repeat lies. The one is free who knows history and defends the truth...

  7. They should have killed all nazis.



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