July 20, 2013

Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont on a flight that rounded the Eiffel Tower, 1901

Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873 – 1932) was a Brazilian aviation pioneer. The heir of a wealthy family of coffee producers, Santos Dumont dedicated himself to aeronautical study and experimentation in Paris, France, where he spent most of his adult life.

Santos-Dumont designed, built, and flew the first practical dirigible, demonstrating that routine, controlled flight was possible. This "conquest of the air", in particular his winning the Deutsch de la Meurthe prize on 19 October 1901 on a flight that rounded the Eiffel Tower, made him one of the most famous people in the world during the early 20th century.

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  1. I am Brazilian and I am very, very proud of the feat of Santos Dumont in the skies of Paris.
    I imagine the society of the time watching this invention =oO (and the next steps that have been taken with aviation for the growth of the World).



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