May 26, 2013

Old Photos of Boston Police

Lt. Lutz is ready with men and machine guns if any May Day riots occur, 1923. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Capt. Bernard J. Hoppe of the Boston Traffic squad. He made Captain on Thanksgiving, 1920 by Commissioner Curtis. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Riot car used by policemen with powerful rifles hid behind steel plates with gun outlets, 1920 – 1929 (approximate). (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Riot squad on duty at state prison, 1935. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

New type of flare gun used by police, 1934. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Riot guns at Boston Police headquarters, 1934. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

G-men get rid of old guns, 1934. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Boston Police train with riot guns, 1931. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Mounted cop in action on Tremont Street, 1920 – 1929 (approximate). (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Motorcycle cops, Boston Common, 1930 – 1939 (approximate). (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Mounted cop on Tremont Street, 1915. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Superintendent Michael Crowley with machine gunners at headquarters. They are ready for big May Day riots, 1920. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Newton police do sham to test guns, 1935. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Somerville police chief Thomas Damery with collection of murder weapons from 32 years of running down slayers, 1931. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

Inspecting new riot guns at police headquarters, 1936. (Photo by Leslie Jones)

“With the latest guns, Boston police will fear nothing. The “Reds” will be met severely in case the start anything”. 1919. (Photo by Leslie Jones)


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