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February 15, 2013

A Look at The Glory Days of Mail Service

Eastern Cooperative League mailing checks, 1943

United States mail train in New York, 1900

L-R: West Broadway and Worth Street. Box in main hall, Western Union Building; Mailbox in Chrysler Building; Woolworth Building. Cutler mailbox in entrance hall

Horse-drawn mail carriage, 1880

Dispatching the first pouch of airmail from Long Island. September 23, 1911

"A letter carrier standing in front of a mailbox at Mott Street above Park Row," 1903

Harbor boat service, New York. Mail stacked to ceiling for 135 ft

Postal workers outside a post office in Brooklyn, 1900

Early 1900s mail carrier in New York City

Post office at 226 East 106th Street post office, 1933

(via gothamist)


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