November 1, 2012

Old Photographs from the Chicago Daily News:1902-1933

The Chicago Daily News operated as a news-gathering and distribution organization on a large scale. The newspaper was also noted for its social service activities and popular promotions. One historian has described it as Chicago's first "urban" newspaper -- the first Chicago newspaper to assume that it spoke to and for a broad cross-section of the city's residents. The paper's editors believed that it should serve as advocate for the public good rather than focus narrowly on the political agenda of its publisher or the interests of one element of the population. The Chicago Daily News also established radio station WMAQ in the mid-1920s and used it to promote the newspaper and vice versa.

In 1902 when this collection begins, the newspaper was already a major institution in the city. It was headquartered at 15 North Wells Street, earlier numbered as 123 Fifth Avenue. The single address is misleading, however. Offices and printing presses filled three buildings and adjacent basements in the Loop business district. Huge rolls of paper were delivered regularly to the presses at the old building despite the heavy traffic along Wells Street beside the elevated train tracks.

New Daily News building, nearing completion, where cranes are visible in the foreground, and the Chicago River is partially visible

Men and boys standing and reading newspapers outside the Chicago Daily News building

Crowd of unemployed men reading newspapers, standing on the sidewalk in front of the Chicago Daily News building, boy in the foreground

Crowd in front of Chicago Daily News building during a stereotypers' strike as viewed from an elevated railroad platform

Police walking in step in front of the Chicago Daily News building during a stereotypers' strike

Chicago Daily News searchlight with a man standing behind it, tilting the searchlight upwards

Chicago Daily News crowd standing outside during election night, policeman on horse rides alongside crowd

Banner advertising Chicago Daily News radio station WMAQ hanging above tents in a large auditorium or convention space

Chicago Daily News Building

Unloading rolls of paper from a horse drawn cart for the Chicago Daily News press

Paper delivery wagon and a crowd of people in front of Daily News building

Election night crowd watching the Chicago Daily News election returns in the street at Wells and West Madison Streets, with a large banner over the crowd

Crowd gathered around a truck broadcasting Daily News radio from Grant Park

Men viewing war bulletins posted in the Chicago Daily News building window, view from behind the crowd

Job seekers, men standing in front of the Chicago Daily News building, looking at newspapers



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