November 1, 2012

Old Colour Photos of Ethiopia from 1953-1969

Haile Selassie and soldiers at Timket Ken

 Priest in ceremonial garb Timkat in Ethiopia

 Priest at Timket, with white turban

Boys in black singing at Timket, ornate cross

Emperor Haile Selassie in pith helmet talking to priest at Timket

Aerial view of mesa with buildings on top

Old man of Gondar

Secure dwelling cut in cliff, man in place, another climbing up with a rope

 Babile maiden

Orthodox priest, in curry colored covering

Arrusi woman

Medicine woman with charms around her neck

Oromo chieftan, with pink muffler

H. Imperial Majesty with grandchildren at Blind School

H.I.M. giving candy to mother

Young Eritrean woman with braided hair, gold ornaments

Haile Selassie inspecting car

Haile Selassie views helicopter

Waterfalls Tis Issat Abay - The Blue Nile Falls

Lone elephant walking across plain, snow covered peak in the distance



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