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August 26, 2012

Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong Looks Over Flight Plans

Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong is looking over flight plans while being assisted by a spacesuit technician during suiting operations in the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building (MSOB) prior to the astronauts' departure to Launch Pad 39A.

The three astronauts, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., Neil A. Armstrong and Michael Collins will then board the Saturn V launch vehicle, scheduled for a 9:32 a.m. EDT liftoff, for the first manned lunar landing mission.

Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong looks over flight plans

Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong In Simulator

Apollo 11 Armstrong - Collins - Aldrin

Armstrong practices in Lunar Module simulator

Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong undergoes weight and balance tests

Astronaut Neil Armstrong during water egress training

Astronaut Neil Armstrong in Launch Complex 16 trailer during suiting up

Astronaut Neil Armstrong participates in simulation of moon's surface

Astronaut Neil Armstrong participates in simulation training

(via NASA Kennedy Space Center (NASA-KSC))


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