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July 29, 2012

The Kodak Girl - in Pictures

The Kodak product was marketed, in the beginning, at women, who often took a central role in advertising. In 1893 the Kodak girl, a character embodying independence and travel, began to appear in publicity shots. As the Eastman Kodak company files for bankruptcy, we reproduce some images from history.

All out-doors invites your Kodak: advertisement in Collier's magazine, 1911

Postcard, postmarked 1906 New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Atlantic City – Kodaking on the Beach

French Kodak catalogue, around 1918. Martha Cooper Collection, 2011

Camera catalogue, Blair Camera Company, around 1902. Cover shows a woman holding the No 3 Folding Weno Hawk-Eye

Kodak catalogue, early 20th century

Kodak catalogue, 1914. Martha Cooper collection, 2011

Kodak girl. Silver gelatin print

Kodakery, advertisement (source unknown), 1902

'Thornton' Cyanotype

Tis Kodak Simplicity: advertisement featuring the Kodak Girl in The Cosmopolitan magazine

Silver gelatin print

Visit your man in the service with SNAPSHOTS: advertisement (source unknown), 1940s

Yours Truly, The Kodak Girls: Postmarked 1913 Hamilton, Canada



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