July 5, 2012


  1. It's interesting how roller derby was so famous back in the days. To look cool, you need to know how to skate. But come on, you can't deny the fact that it was a fun past time compared today, where we spend our past time just staying on the computer or messing with our gadets.

  2. These are literally vintage stuff. I wonder if they could also show some razor powerwing from past to present. I'm sure the evolution was as great as this skates.

  3. Vintage roller skates! Today's roller blades' design focuses on the performance because of its aerodynamics but when it comes to style nothing can compete with the roller skates. Colt really set a trend on shoes/skates back in the 70's too bad they out of the business.

  4. Lucky for me, I bought a pair of vintage roller skates in an skate shoes online australia. The price was really high and it was reasonable because it is really an authentic vintage roller skates.



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