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July 1, 2012


  1. I'm liking those cars with the bike-like wheels (that didn't sound right). Maybe some used car sales agents still sell those types of cars, huh?

  2. These are GREAT vintage care. Have you ever heard about some long island toyota dealers selling it? I hope they do. It's been my dream to own one. I also hope it's not that pricey now.


  3. I plan on having a vintage car. I'd buy a brand new one from car dealers in lynbrook and after fifty years it would be called vintage right? I'm planning to get a civic sedan cause I think that after a few decades its design will still be in the trend.

    Sophie Tyler Neil

  4. I checked the internet for the prices of these cars and I computed that the cost of one vintage car can equal to three new Nissan cars. I'm not against those people who are after vintage cars but I think its practical to buy the brand new ones.

    Geoff Granfeld Jr

  5. I want my ford expedition to be decorated such as this one. Do you know some dealers or car artist who could help me modify my wheels?

    Nicole Jackson

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  7. If I would have the time to go and search some car finance that would help me buy vintage cars. Its has always been a lifelong dream to have one of those toys, if I did get one then I can say that my life has been fulfilled.

    Ryan Donovan III

  8. The effects that was used in the pictures really emphasize the vintage look of the cars. I wonder if it's still possible today to loan for any vintage cars.

    Rose Duncan

  9. I have no problems in driving used cars, because I own a used Hyundai Genesis now. But If I have a chance to drive any of those babies, I would happily take one home! I love vintage cars, doesn't matter if they're used or new. -- Jake

  10. I want THIS one so badly, I decided to buy a Nissan Versa that's almost as small as that, also in red. I wish next time I'll have vintage cars instead. Nice pictures!

    | Georgina |

  11. I love vintage cars. I remember when I was in London, a friend took me to a car auction and boy I was so overwhelmed and simply awed by the classic cars that were being auctioned.

    -Bethany Morrison

  12. Vintage cars are really cool especially if they are reconstructed. I’m tired of seeing modern cars that just look all the same.

    -Eve Horton

  13. Maybe it's a testament to the original car designer that in a hundred years time no paradigm shifting changes had been introduced. We still have the same basic look of the car. In a hundred years time, will it still look the same?

    -Eden Vallis

  14. Wow, these are nice vintage cars. If I were to get married, I'd love to be chauffeured in one of these classics.

    -Cadence Vaughan

  15. I wish our car dealer has any of these cars. It doesn't matter if it's used, as long as I can drive it and it would serve the purpose of a car. -- Abigail Dettmann

  16. Such an amazing list of cars. Hummer H3T is too beautiful so Great Thanks for the nice posting.. | Higher Ed Photography

    where the owner/dealer claimed that it is good in performance, check closely or possible send for AA inspection to ascertain that the car has not been undergoing a major accident repair.



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