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May 13, 2012

Kansas City’s Wonderland Arcade in the late 1960

Recently a set of photos taken at the Kansas City’s Wonderland Arcade in the late 1960′s made rounds on the Internet. These photos are stored at the National Archives in the file “Wonderland Inc. v. United States of America, 1968 – 1968″. The National Archives allows searches but not direct links or bookmarks, so you will have to enter your own search terms.



  1. Are you sure this isn't the 1940s?

  2. I'm sure it is the 1940s, from the signage and the women's fashions and the particular uniforms. Mislabelled by LIFE? All history must collapse into the past, which in this case, someone things is the 1960s. How strange.

  3. The most of the pinballs are flipperless typical from the 40's

  4. These shots were taken in the late 1930's to very early 1940's. Any sailor or Marine could tell that much.



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