March 22, 2012

Debbie Harry - Blondie: From Playboy Bunny to The Originator of New Wave

Debbie was at one point a dancer at union city and a not so great Playboy Bunny

Stein and Harry named the band Blondie after the wolf whistle men often yelled at Debbie from passing cars

Nabokov’s lolita-paper back: given/signed by Debbie Harry and the so “innocent” Brooke Shields… or actually 2 savvy charlatans since there is no proof of the signatures

Image by Warhol


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  1. "From Playboy Bunny to The Originator of New Wave" Are you serious? The originator of New Wave?!!! For the rest of eternity you will be the only person to have made that statement, and mean it! I gotta send this to some friends. Everybody needs a chuckle.



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