January 11, 2012


  1. This was probably the best period in our history - not only here but most places around the world. Chock-full of modern conveniences and only half the population. There was unlimited opportunity, deserted beaches, lakes and rivers you could swim in, the open highway and neat motels and diners. No bloods, no crips and limited Jihad. There were lots of friendly faces and romance was all around (not just hooking up). There were aliens, Santa Clause, fantasy, mostly pleasant dreams of what the future could be.
    It wasn't perfect and it wasn't everywhere but it was probably the closest to perfect this world has ever experienced and the potential doubling of our population again by 2100 promises (if the last 25 years are any indication) a more crowded, stressful and chaotic future with increasingly less opportunity for most.
    Even though some researchers would argue that the standard of living and longer lifespans are increasingly benefiting a larger percentage of the population, I don't think that individually we feel as much hope and optimism as we did during this period. As I get closer to the end of my journey I'm comforted knowing I lived during this truly golden age and was healthy enough and aware enough to take full advantage of it and draw great memories from it.



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