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June 24, 2011

Famous People With Vinyl [more...]

Irene Dunne

Hedy Lamarr & Robert Taylor

Romy Schneider

Elaine Stewart

Lana Turner

Marilyn Monroe

Kim Novak

Edwina Booth

Donna Reed

Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Wilding

Natalie Wood

Dorothy Sebastian

Betty Compson

Ann Miller

Virna Lisi

Alice Terry & Rudolph Valentino

Clint Eastwood

James Dean

Marlon Brando

Rock Hudson

Antoine Doinel

Anna Karina

Loretta Young

Gary Cooper

Frank Sinatra

Catherine Deneuve

Marianna Faithfull

Mamie Van Doren

Rita Hayworth

Anna Karina

Jean-Luc Godard & Masculin Feminin

Sami Frey & Brigitte Bardot

Geraldine Farrar


Kitty Carlisle



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